Am I Pregnant?

Missing your period can be upsetting if you’re not planning a pregnancy. But, if you’re sexually active, you can become pregnant. If you suspect you may be pregnant, it’s important to confirm your pregnancy early with an accurate pregnancy test. Here are some common signs of pregnancy, but please be aware that there are other medical conditions that can cause these symptoms: Missed period, slight bleeding, swollen/tender breasts, fatigue/tiredness, nausea/morning sickness, backaches, headaches, frequent urination, darkening of nipples, food craving or food aversions and dizziness.

If you’re in Central Massachusetts and you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, visit Problem Pregnancy for a free pregnancy test. If your test result is positive, Problem Pregnancy may follow up with a free limited ultrasound to determine more about your options.

Free Pregnancy Tests

If you’re in Central Massachusetts and you think you’re pregnant, verify your pregnancy with a free pregnancy test at Problem Pregnancy. Our pregnancy tests are 99% accurate and medical-quality. Even if you’ve taken a home test, visit our center. Our tests are more accurate than many over-the-counter varieties and able to detect hCG (the hormone released during pregnancy) earlier than most tests on the market.

What If I Have A Positive Test At Home?

The free pregnancy tests offered at Problem Pregnancy are medical-quality and may be more accurate than the home test you’ve already taken. However, only a licensed physician can diagnose pregnancy. If you have a positive test at Problem Pregnancy, you may qualify for a free ultrasound to determine more about your pregnancy and your options.

  • Is the pregnancy viable (healthy and able to survive)? Or is there a possibility you may miscarry naturally?
  • Could you be experiencing a molar pregnancy? A molar pregnancy is a premature growth in the womb that simulates similar symptoms of pregnancy. A molar pregnancy has to be treated at the onset for the tissue to be removed.
  • How far along are you? This allows you to know what abortion methods may be available to you.
  • Is the pregnancy in your uterus? Occasionally, the pregnancy is located somewhere else. This is known as an “ectopic” pregnancy.
  • Make an appointment with Problem Pregnancy for a free pregnancy test. You may qualify for a limited ultrasound if your test result is positive.

How Many Weeks?

If you have a positive pregnancy test, the next step is to determine how far along you may be. You will need to know the first day of your last period even though conception could have been several days after your period ended. A counselor at Problem Pregnancy will give you an estimated due date based on your last menstrual cycle. If you’re planning on having an abortion, you’ll need to know how many weeks pregnant you are, as this will determine your abortion options.

Make An Appointment

If you’re facing an unplanned pregnancy, make an appointment to visit Problem Pregnancy. We provide free help for women facing unplanned pregnancies in Central Massachusetts, including free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds and abortion consultations. All services are free, confidential and designed to help you with the choices you may face.